WEB WORLD is one of the leading Integrated Product Service Providers, providing services like:

  • Customer Support Services
  • Technical Support Services
  • Remote Management Services
  • Bug-fixing and Sustenance Services (Level-1 to Level-4)

We cater to remote support requirements of technology product companies through a universal delivery model using various communication media including email, web chat, voice and e-services on a continuous basis.

Apart from the 24×7 uninterrupted English support, Web World has also commenced operations in areas offering proficiency in multiple European and Asian languages. We are now offering support potentials in numerous languages like English,Hindi,Marathi German, Spanish, French, Korean and Mandarin.

When you call, you should be at the computer where the product is running and have a copy of the product documentation at hand and Web World. support engineers are available by telephone 24 x 7.
Note: Responses to support requests may be either by email or by telephone, so please be sure to include accurate contact details in all support requests.

Our technical support team will

  • Provide software installation assistance
  • Fulfill  requests for literature and product documentation Identify gather and
  • document  problem symptoms
  • Problem  verification
  • Perform  all aspects of problem resolution
  • Proficient  with all aspects of the product and systems operation
  • Trouble-shoot  and debug where appropriate
  • Provide  non-code fix problem resolution
  • Provide  customized workarounds
  • Provide  and communicate information not included in documentation
  • Escalate  calls as necessary
  • Maintain  timely, complete and accurate problem status data
  • Problem  re-creation and verification
  • Provide  unit tested code fixes for identified and reported defects
  • Provide  Enhancements to support environmental changes
  • Provide  competitive Enhancements as dictated by marketing surveys