PHP Programming
The acronym PHP, previously derived from “Personal Home Page Tools”, now stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor”. PHP is a script language and interpreter that is used primarily on Linux web servers.
PHP Development is today’s fastest-growing technology for dynamic Web pages. PHP is a robust, server-side language that can offer a great deal of functionality, and it can serve pages quickly. It can also create simple Flash animations and PDF documents on the fly. It has advanced mathematical capabilities, as well as object-oriented programming methodologies. It’s most useful capability is in implementing cryptographic support, as well as support for various database servers.
We use MySQL and MS Access database with PHP for database application. We recommend PHP / MySQL combination for Linux servers. MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database, recognized for its speed and reliability. MySQL is a cost free database.
ASP.NET Programming
Active Server Pages (ASP) can develop a new generation of Web-based applications, including extending sales and customer service to the Web, and providing access to corporate databases and applications to any browser on an intranet. ASP is based upon the leading industry standards, making it easy to build, maintain, and evolve powerful interactive Web applications. ASP has strong security management. We use MS SQL MS Access database with ASP programming for database application.
ASP.NET Programming
.NET Programming and Development on ASP.NET using VB.NET. We specialize in ASP.NET programming. The world is now switching over to ASP.NET.
Microsoft® .NET is a set of Microsoft software technologies for connecting your world of information, people, systems, and devices. It enables an unprecedented level of software integration through the use of XML Web services: small, discrete, building-block applications that connect to each other, as well as to other larger applications via the Internet. is a new API for application development in .Net framework. Apart from security, the configuration is almost completely independent of old ASP and IIS.